Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello from Asheville!

This week I am participating in a retreat in Asheville on Mindfulness Coaching for Educators. Charlie is assisting our leader, coach Doug Silsbee. Also here from CFS are Mary, Alex, Rachel, Willy, and Guillermo.

The retreat is being held at Bend of Ivy Lodge, which is owned and operated by Doug and his wife. It is a completely transformed old barn... a metaphor for the transformation that can take place within the lives of those who visit.

I never expected to feel so peaceful on Nov. 4.

Who wouldn't feel revitalized in this setting?

Yesterday, Rachel tried her hand at building a rock sculpture:

I look forward to seeing everyone Thursday! I hope some of you can make it to hear the MS Chamber Choir perform at Toni's Dessert Theater show Thursday evening at 7, at the MS building.

And today, of all days, stay calm...

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