Sunday, June 26, 2011

iPad apps Mega-Update part 8: Miscellaneous apps

Edited 6/15/13: I see these posts are still getting a lot of traffic, two years later! Much of this info is outdated. However, I am working on updating my iPad app pages for 2013! I'll post to my blog as updates are completed, or you can check the page directly.


My last category (for now!) includes apps that are favorites for personal and home use.

  • Amazon: A fun way to browse the world's largest store.
"Minds on Music" at Amazon.

  • AppAdvice: Easily access reviews and articles about all things "app." Many articles are added every day, and you can also browse dozens of thematic app lists.
Today's App news.
  • Casey's Contraptions: This is a delightfully designed game in which you help Casey create Rube Goldberg-type machines to complete simple tasks.
I'm gonna get you, cardboard boxes!
  • Chore Pad HD: A new favorite in my house, Chore Pad has a fun interface for creating weekly chore charts, a system for parents to apply stars to each chore, cute trophies, icons, and more. My daughter insists on checking off her chores each night at bedtime.
Hmm, looks like somebody hasn't been doing his chores...
  • Craft Finder: From Family Fun Magazine, Craft Finder has an impressive searchable library of crafts to do with kids.
Featured summer crafts.
  • Crosswords: My favorite crossword puzzle app! Easy to use, with loads of free crosswords each day.
A tough one.

  • Epicurious: Thousands of rated recipes in an easily searchable database. Create your own "recipe box," adjust amounts, search by ingredients, even create a shopping list.
  • Grocery IQ: My favorite grocery shopping list. I sync with my iPhone to actually shop, but the iPad version has an even slicker user interface.
Save a "Favorites" list to make future lists quick and easy.
Easily search for and "clip" coupons.


  • IMDB: If you like movies, IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is your perfect companion. Search for movies, view all the production details, read about actors, and read reviews, all in a handy interface.
IMDB home.


  • Insight Timer: Originally called Zen Timer, this is a nice customizable timer for meditation, yoga, or anytime that you would rather have a variety of peaceful Tibetan bells instead of typical alarms. It also includes a simple journal and a fun social networking feature.
Settings for a 30 minute yoga session.
  • Intellicast HD: In my opinion, the best weather app for the iPad.
Hot hot hot.
  • Zillow: If you are in the market for real estate, or just want to know the likely current value of your home, Zillow has a very useable map interface.


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