Monday, August 15, 2011

Tech Institute Workshops at CFS

I promise I'll be talking about something other than iPads soon... but this week is the CFS Tech Institute, and I am leading two workshops for teachers. One is on using interactive whiteboards, and the other is–what else–iPads in the Classroom! I wanted to share two resources we used today.

Apps for Children with Special Needs is an amazing resource for anyone who works with children. It is full of app reviews, lists of apps for different needs, etc. Wow!

My Prezi, iPads in the Music Classroom. This is my very first Prezi, but definitely not my last. I had a great time making it, and it is still incomplete–I haven't finished uploading all those hundreds of little app icons.

Tomorrow, interactive whiteboards! Soon I'll also be posting about the week-long facilitator training in Theatre of the Oppressed  I completed last week along with several other CFS teachers. School year, bring it on!
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